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Kennedy, Charlie Asst. Headmaster
Loomis, Donna Headmaster

Ashley, Jackie 2nd Grade
Chaffin, Jenny Music
Dobson, Casey Title 1 and Senior English
Holt, Ray STEM; Math; ACT Prep
Jensen, Charlsie History
Kennedy, Charlie American History & 8th History
Leak, Pamela Biology & Chemistry
Littleton, Laura Office Manager
Loomis, Donna Headmaster
McGraw, Mike Math, Health
Mudd, Crystal 5th grade
Patin, Liz 8th Grade Science
Pourciau, Cathy Math and Tennis
Randall, Alicia English
Sessions, Katherine Kindergarten
Smith, Gary English/Spanish
Ventress, Alex English and Enrichment
Vines, Deborah
Whetstone, Deborah 6th Grade
Wilson, Mary 3rd Grade

Littleton, Laura Office Manager
Wisner, Cindy Lunch Room Manager

PTO, WCCA Parent Teacher Organization
Wisner, Cindy Cafeteria
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